We (Steve and Candice Watters) met at Regent University while earning our Master’s Degrees in Public Policy. Marrying shortly after graduation, we moved to Colorado to work at Focus on the Family. Steve grew up in Washington, NC and Candice grew up in Toledo, OH and so the West was a great place to help us leave and cleave.

We founded Boundless.org webzine for Focus in 1998. Candice served as the Boundless editor for four years until leaving in 2002 to be a full-time mom, doing a little freelance writing and editing on the side. Candice is the author of Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen. Together we wrote Start Your Family: Inspiration for Having Babies.

Today, we live in Louisville, KY where Steve serves as vice president for communications at Southern Seminary and works on an M.A. in family discipleship. We speak, write and feed our blog as we’re able.

We spend a lot of our time enjoying, guiding, serving and being stretched by our children: Harrison, Zoe, Churchill and Teddy.

About Start Your Family: Inspiration for Having Babies

Starting a family is a soul-shaping, world-altering experience. Unfortunately, in a culture of competing values and protracted timelines, couples are increasingly backing their way into parenting or missing it altogether. By the time the average couple tries to have kids, they are often beyond their late twenties and surprised to learn they’re sliding past the peak of their fertile years.

In Start Your Family, we encourage couples to be intentional about their timeline in the early years of marriage and to trust God to help them boldly launch their families. Responding to the most common doubts and hurdles, we offer biblical inspiration for the questions, “Why have kids?” “When is the best time to start?” and “How can we fit kids into our lives?” (Read excerpts here.)

About Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help it Happen

Are you a single woman hoping for marriage? Get Married is about living like you’re planning to marry. It presents a lifestyle that esteems marriage, encourages men, empowers women, and embraces Christian community and a biblical understanding of what marriage is for. Most importantly, it shows women that marriage is a worthy goal that’s within your grasp. (Read an excerpt.)

Get Married shows how living intentionally is the key to marrying well. It’s a fresh and hopeful perspective of the pre-marriage years that includes praying for your friends, parents, churches, and the men in (or soon to be in) your life.