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Recent Roundup

Tuesday Candice joined radio host Debbie Chavez to talk about being single, hoping for marriage, living like you’re planning to marry, and more in an interview about Get Married. The interview was live but she’s posted a link to the archive here. Also Tuesday, Boundless ran Candice’s article How to Pray for a Husband. If […]

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Love in Any Language

Most women want to marry well. It’s not just an American thing. That’s why I’m super excited by this. Can you tell what it is? Here’s another hint. Got it? No? OK, how about this? The cover’s the real giveaway! Now you know. Get Married has been published in Chinese! Thanks to Campus Crusade for […]

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Is there anything good about waiting?

If you haven’t already seen it, I have a new article over on Boundless today that begins: “Recently a local church e-mailed me with an invitation to speak about waiting on God for a husband. I wondered if they had the right person. “With a book title like Get Married: What Women Can Do to […]

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Everyone Has a Role to Play

The third and final part of my conversation with Carolyn McCulley, Dr. Dobson and John Fuller about being single and hoping for marriage is airing today on Focus on the Family. Today we talk about the many roles to be played—by God, parents, women, men, churches, etc.—on the way to marriage. We also talk about […]

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When Temptation Feels Too Strong

I was working on Monday’s Q&A column yesterday—a question from a woman who says the man she loves wants nothing more than sex from her. Still she’s finding it hard to leave him, even though he asked to have an abortion. Today’s Daily Light was full of Scriptures that are a help in desperate circumstances. […]

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Updates and Announcements

Yesterday, Albert Mohler talked on his radio show about “The Case for (Early) Marriage,” the Mark Regnerus cover story in this month’s Christianity Today magazine. It’s an exceptional article that, while sobering, offers much hope in the way of exposing the problem of extended singleness in such a visible and influencial place. Being an avid […]

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In Which I Talk about the Book

Last Friday, Moody Radio’s Midday Connection aired a Start Your Family interview we recorded a few months back. It was a fast-paced conversation, which I prefer. Less room to ramble. And given the stage of life we’re in, short interviews are the easiest ones to do. (Try to imagine the challenge of getting all four […]

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The difference vision makes when it comes to babies


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Olasky, Early Discuss Start Your Family

This was a big week for book news. We answered the interview questions that will go live later today on CitizenLink’s Friday Five, Listened as Mark Early talked about Start Your Family on the Point Radio, and Read Susan Olasky’s review in World Magazine (February 28, Vol. 24, No. 4), and Wrapped up the contest […]

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Encouraging the Blessing of Children

Interview with guest host Russell Moore on the Albert Mohler program available here. Description from Do Christians view children and families as a blessing from the Lord? Or have we, like the culture around us, bought into the idea that children are just another ‘lifestyle option’ for married couples? On today’s program, guest host […]

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