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Summer Reading for Families

The May issue of Southern Seminary’s Towers magazine has a books focus with an emphasis on reading fiction for the purpose of enriching your spiritual imagination. I contributed an article for parents about the value of reading aloud to their children, whatever their ages. Included are strategies to make it simple and more fruitful. Here’s […]

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The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving Secret

by Candice Watters Apart from the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, one of our favorite Thanksgiving meal traditions is a Pilgrim quiz. In the center of our table, next to the feast, is a small bowl with strips of paper; each with a question. How many Pilgrims left for the New World? From where did […]

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What we read this summer, or what you might want to read this fall

Free time for reading is a big part of what makes summer special in our family. This year we tried something new, setting a goal that we all work together to achieve. Inspired by a feature on books that ran in the Wall Street Journal, we tacked the photo illustration on the side of our fridge and […]

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How to Teach Your Child to Read

My child was reading at four! My child was reading at three! Oh yeah? Well my child was reading at two-and-a-half! I’ve got you all beat! My child could read before he was born! Sound familiar? It may not be words you’ve actually heard or spoken, but if you’re like me, you’ve probably had moments […]

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How to Find Good Books, Part 1

One of our favorite things about summer’s longer, less-structured days is all the time we can spend reading. To make the most of the time, I’m “calling ahead” by pre-ordering a bunch of books from our local library using the handy online order form, something that’s available in most public library systems. Today my focus […]

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Camping in the basement

Our camping trip with the church got cancelled. So we pitched our tent in the basement. Complete with a roaring fire …which we made our s’mores over. …with a little help from these products…

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The Benefits of a Family Hobby

Jerry Seinfeld famously said, “There’s no such thing as ‘fun for the family.’” True? We don’t think so. When Steve and I were dating our pastor talked about the importance of teaching his kids how to have genuine fun. He wanted them to so enjoy their time together as a family that when friends would […]

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Kitchen Help

They were so excited to help and I was thrilled to realize four is old enough to wield a potato peeler! Taking turns alternately peeling carrots and potatoes for our harvest soup, their joy in being able to help make dinner made light work of it. It was a surprisingly cold day, but unexpectedly cozy […]

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Understanding Valentine’s Day

Growing up, my parents treated Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to bless my four siblings and me with sweet reminders that they loved us. A special breakfast before school, a surprise package in the mail at college, and later, a box of chocolates on my desk at the office. I wish I could say I […]

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Dodge Ram’s Charlie Brown Moment

I still remember the ad: Mean Joe Green limping off the field down a gray corridor to the locker room, where a boy of about eight offers to help. Mean Joe says no. The boy insists that Mean Joe take his Coke. The football player relents, chugs the brown soda, then turns to the disappointed […]

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