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Kitchen Help

They were so excited to help and I was thrilled to realize four is old enough to wield a potato peeler! Taking turns alternately peeling carrots and potatoes for our harvest soup, their joy in being able to help make dinner made light work of it. It was a surprisingly cold day, but unexpectedly cozy […]

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How to Stop Mealtime Grumbling

Have you ever cooked a meal–whether a multi-course feast or simple P, B & J –with less than joy? Feeling like I’m the only one who appreciates how much work goes into preparing meals three times a day, seven days a week, without end, some days I’m less than glad about the whole business. “Time […]

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What’s For Dinner

After hearing “What’s This?” for the umpteenth time, it’s easy to lose your creative spark in the kitchen. Recently mine was rekindled by my niece, a container of pesto, and a bag of marshmallows.

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Cookie Time

I’ve never liked the work of baking Christmas cookies. But our kids are helping me see it’s a delight-filled effort.

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Awesome Autumn

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall — each season has it’s own benefits and beauties. But Autumn is best.

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Greener Green Beans

In cooking, technique makes for prettier food. When that fails, there’s always Lightroom.

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Of Carrots, Corn and Cookbooks

My newly-married friend Ashley emailed me yesterday in search of a good carrot raisin recipe. She of the I don’t use cookbooks school of cooking was finally convinced that you really can’t find everything you need for good cooking for free on the internet. “What’s a good all-purpose cookbook?” she wanted to know. Better Homes […]

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Kick Off Corn Chowder

Here’s a way to kick off the season (not football, Autumn!) and use up all that leftover corn on the cob: Corn and Green Chili Chowder 2 cups corn off the cob (you’ll have to cut it off with a sharp knife, carefully) 2 & 1/2 cups chicken broth 3/4 cup whipping cream (Julia would […]

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Those Pesky Post-Baby Pounds

I’m not sure exactly why it’s so hard to shed the baby weight. I mean, all I had for dinner was this: Well, that. And these: And in keeping with the high protein theme, this: And maybe just a few of these: Huh. Weird. Speaking of weird, this is what we saw upon departing the […]

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Bluebabies, Strawbabies and other Good Words

One of my favorite things about a child just learning to talk is the creative way they pronounce words. Most recently, it was our 2-year-old reaching out for the pints of blueberries I’d gotten on sale at the grocery store. “Bluebabies, bluebabies!” he demanded. Not sure what he was after, I looked to see him […]

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