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How to Find a Mentor, or Two

“We All Need a Few Good Mentors” read a headline in today’s opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal. It’s a sentiment I share, based on my own experience of having been poured into by older, wiser women, professors, and married couples over the past 27 years. In the article, Fay Vincent, formerly CEO of Columbia […]

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Blessings of family

A moving reminder of the real wealth in family relationships: Watch this video

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Isn’t it Ironic?

Here lately, Candice and I have been singing lines from “Ironic”–the Alanis Morissette song that was popular when we were in grad school. We’ve had two waves of inspiration for singing this song: First Wave We’re trying to sell our house. A family we know has been working with the same realtor we have told […]

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Clearing the Decks

We feel a little lighter today and more ready for the action ahead of us–thanks to the “clear the decks” garage sale we had over the weekend.

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EARLY Will I Seek You

  “During this morning’s quiet time, it dawned on me — well before dawn — that I’ve become dependent on time alone with God. And the only way I can get it is to get up early. Of course in Colorado, rising before the sun often brings the benefit of actually seeing the “purple mountains […]

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Dear Overweight Woman

Does that describe you? If so, I’ve written a post with you in mind, and on my heart. Here’s an excerpt. I’ve been overweight and I’ve been the ideal weight, and I know the frustration and discouragement and agony that attends the former. But do not despair. There is hope. The overweight believer has just […]

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Two Questions, One Party and the Perfect Appetizer

Today’s Boundless Answers is for everyone who’s dated an adult convert with a bit of an, ahem, past. The questioner writes, …he’s only been saved and living for the Lord for the past several years. He was never completely crazy before that, but he did have a reputation as somewhat of a partier and for […]

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December Decisions

Bake cookies for Friday’s Boundless staff party, start browsing websites for gifts, make paper crafts, there’s so much I love doing to get ready for Christmas that sometimes it’s hard to choose! Since today is the deadline for Shutterfly’s sale offerings, I think I’ll focus on finishing up some photo gifts I started. Here’s a […]

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An Even Shorter Short Season

This fall, it only took one week to go from this: to this: After a short burst of glorious color and one outing to Pike’s Peak, we started passing around a virus with cold-like symptoms and spent the better part of Indian summer indoors. Then yesterday the ice came. Today’s drive to church was eerily […]

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All about Autumn

If you read my Twitter updates you know I’m thrilled that just one day into the new season we’ve already had two days of snow flurries. Snow! In September! I love Colorado. Of course it helps me love this freakishly early taste of winter when the forecast for Saturday is warm and sunny. With a […]

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