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Maternity is Not about Me

“You’ll need proof. Can you get a copy of the death certificate?” I remember the awkwardness of trying to answer that question while booking last-minute plane tickets to North Carolina for my father-in-law’s funeral. Who would fake their dad’s death just to get a discount—and not a very good one at that—on airfare? A misunderstanding […]

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The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving Secret

by Candice Watters Apart from the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, one of our favorite Thanksgiving meal traditions is a Pilgrim quiz. In the center of our table, next to the feast, is a small bowl with strips of paper; each with a question. How many Pilgrims left for the New World? From where did […]

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Good News, Your Kids are Average

“Everybody thinks their kids are above average. But it can’t possibly be that way because it defies the category of average.” So says Randy Stinson, professor, author, and father of eight. It’s a needed corrective in our day of hyper-parenting, but no reason to set low expectations for your offspring. I didn’t always feel that […]

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