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Indian Summer

A lesson from Autumn: delays can hold promise of delight. Sometimes wildly so.

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She Wants a Baby

Early in our marriage, Candice and I used to take long walks in our neighborhood to discuss the week ahead. Sometimes we talked about the future, but there was always a clear line between immediate tasks, like “get the oil changed in the car,” and future plans, like “get rich and build our dream home […]

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From There to Here

It’s hard to summarize the past four weeks of packing, driving, visiting, driving, apple picking, flying, speaking, birthday celebrating, packing, flying, packing, cleaning, flying, sleeping, packing, and finally, settling. But there you have it: the summary of our journey from our home of 13 years in Colorado to our new home in Louisville, KY. Here […]

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Following Mission Isn’t Easy

The messiness of a launch—whether it’s a new business or the birth of a baby—should be expected precisely because inertia is being upset.

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The View from There

On the heels of a quirky summer and turning 40, we’re heading out on a new venture. But first we’re going back to visit where it all began.

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Hiking with Kids

Once upon a time, I wrote an article about family hikes. In it I said, “We figured if we raised two kids in Colorado and never got out in nature, they’d never let us live it down. So we bought some hiking boots and a guide to the Pikes Peak region and started walking.” That […]

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Remembering Griffin

(Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday I celebrated as a child with Irish heritage, as a wife with a part-Irish husband, and as a Christian commemorating a man of faith. Now I also celebrate tomorrow as a mother whose second son would have been nine.) Oh, good, I’m not pregnant. I flushed at the […]

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Babies, Keep ‘Em Coming

A few days ago I tweeted about Yitta Schwartz, a Holocaust survivor who had 16 children, and as the New York Times tribute put it, put her “thumb in the eye of the Nazis.” How? By leaving behind 2,000 descendants when she died at 93. 2,000! By virtue of saying yes to the blessing of […]

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Talking Marriage at Southern Seminary

Last week on our way to visiting family in Ohio, Steve and I dropped our kids off with my sister’s family and headed south to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. We were there at the invitation of Russell Moore to man the Boundless booth and speak to college students about marriage at the […]

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Wedding Fantasy, and Reality

I used to dream about what my wedding would be like; down to the yellow roses in my bouquet and dark grey morning coat of the groom’s tuxedo. I was 12. It was fun to think about what might be. Anything and everything is possible when it’s in your imagination, with only a stack of […]

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