It’s already sticky


Though many of the local churches in our town canceled services two weeks ago due to heavy snowfall and freezing rain, we ventured out after hearing that ours would be open for as many as could make it. It was the perfect morning to wear the super soft fleece I’d bought on sale while shopping for Christmas presents for other people.

It was palest cloud blue and perfect for the frigid cold outside. Sometime during the service I realized I was maybe a little too excited about my new purchase, knowing that it’s just stuff. I heard a phrase in my head that Steve and I often use to remind ourselves of the fleeting nature of possessions: it’s already sticky. As in, no matter how pristine and new something is the moment you take it out of the packaging, it will only be a matter of days, hours, or even minutes before it’s broken, dirty, or as is more likely in a home filled with small children — sticky.

Fast forward to dinnertime. We were sitting around the table eating a festive meal with Christmas music playing in the background when suddenly, I felt the spray of an entire bottle of Sprite exploding beside me. It turns out our son thought it made soda even more fizzy if you shake the bottle before you open it. Indeed it does! While that may be a nifty trick for a near-flat bottle of soda, for one only two days old, it’s a disaster.

I had to laugh. But not before I nearly exploded myself. My new fleece! Only hours old and IT’S ALREADY STICKY!

Later that night, our five year old said during our family prayer time that he’s thankful for God’s kindness. I agree. His kindness is meant to lead us to repentance (Romans 2:4). God used the misguided notion that pop should be shaken before opening, in His kindness, to remind me that I needed to repent for making too much of a sweatshirt. And for that, I am thankful.