Kids Don’t Fit (Easily)

I used to think I could “fit” kids into my life. You know, my perfectly ordered, and orderly, life. I even wrote articles about it. Now, four kids later, I’ve had to do a few reality checks. I’m the one doing most of the fitting these days (not into my old jeans, mind you. It […]

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Rethinking the Pill

Carl Djerassi is having second thoughts about the pill. That’s not so unusual. Lots of couples start out their marriage using it and later decide to toss it in exchange for the possibility that sex might lead to conception. But Djerassi’s different. He’s the guy who invented the pill. More accurately, Djerassi is the Austrian […]

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The Big Gap

The promise of “planned parenthood” gives the impression that a man and woman have a great amount of control over family building. While there is quite a lot couples can do to control not having children, the implied promise that a planned approach can help couples have the number of children that’s right for them […]

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Financial Crash Simplifies Approach to Babies

We’re still finding out what exactly happened to the American economy last fall (2008) and what the ramifications are for our day-to-day lives. Writing in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, Peggy Noonan (former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan) made an interesting observation about a change in attitudes toward babies: …everything changed in 2008. A new […]

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Getting Your Marriage Healthy for Starting a Family

Starting a family will stretch a marriage.  That stretching has the potential to deepen the purpose and sweeten the friendship of your marriage.  Having a baby, however, isn’t the magic solution to turning a bad marriage into a good one.  If you’ve been struggling with your spouse, we want to recommend a book that our […]

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Partial Nesting

Our idea of a nest took shape a few months after we got married when we read an article in Time magazine called the “Young and the Nested.” It described millions of couples our age who were settling down—leaving their slacker Generation X attitudes behind in order to decorate homes, have dinner parties, and do […]

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Pregnant in First Year of Marriage

From Sharon J. (Lancaster, PA) My husband and I were not planning on getting pregnant this early. Selfishly we really wanted a year to adjust to each other, process life together, transition into a new life together in a new city without the “added strain” of a pregnancy and a new baby. Even now being […]

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Fears and Anxieties

From Celesta B. (Canton, GA) I remember loads of specific fears and anxieties, namely how would we affordcto relinquish a steady salary so that I could stay home and raise our baby. This wasn’t some passing worry; this was the reason we prolonged the “act” so long after we finally made the decision that we did indeed […]

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How Can We Fit Kids Into Our Lives?

Ideals are great … until they meet the blender of real life. Having a vision for why and when to start a family can give you new momentum, but you’ll need all the extra motivation you can find once you start thinking through the logistics, the how. This is the place where the things that […]

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When’s the Right Time to Start Our Family?

Most couples have some kind of timeline in mind for when it feels right to have a baby. Maybe it’s vague, maybe you haven’t talked it through as a couple to land on a precise target, but you likely have a sense of what you think needs to happen first and what conditions you think […]

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