What about Cosmetic Surgery?

1935_large Last week I received an email from a man who is considering having his eyelids done. He is of Asian descent and is pondering the procedure, wondering if it might make him more attractive and thereby, more marriageable. That's the tough question I answer in today's Boundless Answers column.

He asks,

In my younger years, I often dismissed any type of cosmetic surgery (for both men and women). But then I kept hearing stories about how some (mainly women) were "much happier" after having cosmetic surgery done. For example, this one lady at my church had a stomach staple done a few years ago. She lost over 100+ pounds and has since been married for a couple of years. I don't believe that she's naive enough to deny that the surgery helped her find a mate....

If there are traits that make someone more desirable, is it sinful to pursue those? We tell both women and men to wear clothes that look good on them. Some men and women wear perfume/cologne in part attract the opposite sex. So even though surgery sounds extreme (which it is), I wonder why that should be taboo.

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