Still Learning from Jane Austen

“Looking for my Darcy in a world full of Wickhams.” That phrase caught my eye from the front of my friend’s t-shirt. I chuckled. And I winced. As a fan of Pride and Prejudice, I got the meaning right away. So few good men, so many jerks. Ah, if only it were that simple. Indeed, […]

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Summer Reading for Families

The May issue of Southern Seminary’s Towers magazine has a books focus with an emphasis on reading fiction for the purpose of enriching your spiritual imagination. I contributed an article for parents about the value of reading aloud to their children, whatever their ages. Included are strategies to make it simple and more fruitful. Here’s […]

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Maternity is Not about Me

“You’ll need proof. Can you get a copy of the death certificate?” I remember the awkwardness of trying to answer that question while booking last-minute plane tickets to North Carolina for my father-in-law’s funeral. Who would fake their dad’s death just to get a discount—and not a very good one at that—on airfare? A misunderstanding […]

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How to Start Homeschooling

As a long-time homeschooler, friends seek me out when they’re seriously thinking about homeschooling. Often they’re panicky at the prospect. I can relate. When we decided halfway through our firstborn’s kindergarten year to un-enroll him and teach him at home, my “what now?” phone call was to a homeschooling veteran. She not only successfully homeschooled […]

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Q&A: Is it possible to date my ex’s friend?

Question More than a year ago, I broke up with my boyfriend.  Currently, I am quite interested in another guy that my ex is also friends with. Here’s the dilemma: I don’t want to hurt my ex. I was the one that broke up with him. I broke his heart, and even now, I feel […]

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When Past Plagues Present in Dating

Last week I answered the following from a man worried that his past may have a bleak affect on his future: Question I’m a single guy, never married but in the past I have a history of sexual immorality and a lifestyle that was in open rebellion against the Lord. I am dating a young […]

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What is a Christian Christmas?

QUESTION I’ve been a believer in Christ most of my life, and I know that “Jesus is the reason for the [Christmas] season,” but every year I feel like that head knowledge has a hard time getting to my heart. I’m so distracted and busy in December. I love to buy gifts for people, and […]

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The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving Secret

by Candice Watters Apart from the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, one of our favorite Thanksgiving meal traditions is a Pilgrim quiz. In the center of our table, next to the feast, is a small bowl with strips of paper; each with a question. How many Pilgrims left for the New World? From where did […]

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Indian Summer

A lesson from Autumn: delays can hold promise of delight. Sometimes wildly so.

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How to Bake Bread

When our daughter was only two, she preferred peanut butter sandwiches to nearly everything else. Because she was underweight, an older friend encouraged me to start baking bread from scratch, and then she showed me how to do it. That, plus natural, sugar-free peanut butter was a staple during a season when she needed lots […]

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