A Conversation with Todd and Angie Smith

Last Friday I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd and Angie Smith (of Selah and Bring the Rain fame). They were at Focus on the Family for the monthly chapel service and agreed to give 30 minutes to the Boundless Show.

When we went into the studio, I was praying I'd be able to make it through the conversation without crying. Theirs is a story of great loss, as well as miraculous intervention--it's near impossible to read and hear about it without tearing up. We had a candid conversation about their fourth daughter Audrey Caroline, who died just two-and-a-half hours after she was born.

Thankfully, in addition to being a fantastic storyteller, Angie's hilarious. So we laughed a lot, too. And Todd sang for us live. It's an engaging, entertaining and encouraging show, especially for anyone dealing with the disappointments and setbacks of trying to start or grow their family.

Angie's blog is wildly popular, striking a chord with women all over the world. Through the telling of their story, they've been able to minister to countless thousands. After hearing them, I think you'll understand why. You can listen here.