An Even Shorter Short Season

This fall, it only took one week to go from this: Yellowaspen

to this:


After a short burst of glorious color and one outing to Pike's Peak, we started passing around a virus with cold-like symptoms and spent the better part of Indian summer indoors. Then yesterday the ice came.

Today's drive to church was eerily lonely and one of the boldest red trees in our neighborhood was laying on the ground like a fallen sentry. (The marks on the trunk suggest there's a car out there with a badly dented fender.) I guess it's good we don't watch much TV—that kept us from knowing about a huge multi-car pileup on the slick interstate last night. If I'd known about it, we probably wouldn't have gone to the early service this morning. But I didn't. And we did.

It was good to be back after so many weeks of someone being too sick to go.

Now we're feeling nearly back to normal and in the mood for lots of this:



What's the weather like where you are?