Andrew Peterson Counting Stars, Playing Guitar, LIVE

A few weeks ago, I'd never heard of Andrew Peterson. Andrew Peterson selects-14

Then Steve mentioned that AP's new CD was full of songs about doing family.

Andrew Peterson selects-18

Then, like someone who's never seen a white Toyota Sienna until after they buy one — and then that's the only car they seem to notice everywhere — I started seeing tweets about Andrew and his upcoming release of Counting Stars.

Andrew Peterson selects-19

The next thing I know, Steve's scheduling dinner with Andrew and Steve Ford of Centricity Music, and time in the studio to record an interview for the Boundless Show.

Andrew Peterson selects-16

And what an amazing time it was! This guy's album is a soundtrack for the life of a couple in the trenches of making a good marriage and raising kids for God's glory.

Andrew Peterson selects

And his books have captured our kids' imaginations.


I hope you'll take a minute to listen to him play his guitar and talk about why family is at the center, right next to his passionate faith in God.