Boundless webzine's LIVE webcast

Yesterday Steve and I were part of the first-ever LIVE webcast from What fun it was to be a part of the production. And it was some production! I didn't know you could fit that many talented people into one control room. The team behind the scenes did an amazing job of getting all the film clips, mics, people, cameras, and more coordinated. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it.

Unless, of course, you include the production that is getting dinner on the table in our kitchen every night!

Here it is, archived. The whole show. Steve is in the opening segment, with host Lisa Anderson (you may recognize her from the Boundless Show podcast). My contribution is at the end. We wanted to mix it up a bit from what I typically do in the Q&A online and for the podcast. So we landed on a lightning fast round of answering questions from Boundless readers. I think we squeezed in 25 questions in about five minutes. It begins at minute 43:53.

Enjoy! And if you're as moved as we were by the film clips and conversations about the "life-on-life" ministry going on through Focus on the Family, I hope you'll consider making a donation!

Thanks for watching.