Embrace the New Year, Not Your Dance Partner

I love January! I know it's reputedly the time of year when depression is up and cheer is down, but I get giddy thinking about a clean slate and all the new things we're going to try, books we're going to read, experiences we're going to have, relationships we're going to improve, and closets we're going to clean! Not to mention my new pack of Sharpies!


How about you? Do you like planning for the year ahead with long to-do lists, resolutions, or some other system? Or are you a more happy-go-lucky, live-life-as-it-comes-at-you-sort-of-person? You can weigh in here or join the conversation going on over on the Boundless Line.

Speaking of Boundless, today's Q&A is from a woman who loves to dance. Or more accurately, of late she loves being single so she can be sassy with her male friends on and off the dance floor. But that's not something she's particularly proud of. What should she do?

In part, I suggest she take a permanent break from that sort of dancing. I write,

But certain kinds of dancing just make sin so tempting, and easy. The music, the movement, the dark lights, and before you know it, you're acting married, or nearly so — doing things that married couples do in private — with a man who isn't your husband. (And from my experiences with college dances, when the lights go up and you're back in real life, you realize how little you'd want to be married to that man you were so hot and heavy with on the dance floor!)

You can read the whole article, Dirty Dancing, here. Just curious — what advice would you have given?