Even the Shortest Lives

Since writing Start Your Family and trying to find new ways to get the word out about it, we've spent a lot of time reading Mom blogs and getting to know the awesome women behind them. In the process, we've discovered a whole universe of couples longing to be pregnant, grieving babies lost through miscarriage, agonizing over terminal diagnoses for babies in utero, and questioning why—in a culture where life is so cheap—they, who believe life is sacred, would lose their children so early. When reading their stories, It's impossible to miss the value of these lives cut short. For example, today I saw this—"71 Days"—on Greg Sponberg's blog. It's a tribute to his, and wife Nicol's, son Luke. (The song will be on Nicol's new solo project.)

Solomon said "He has set eternity in the hearts of men." That's never more true than when you lose a baby. Parents grieving the death of an infant long doubly for heaven. It is there we will finally hold the little ones who fled our arms too soon.

HT: @angelac519