Olasky, Early Discuss Start Your Family

This was a big week for book news.

  • We answered the interview questions that will go live later today on CitizenLink's Friday Five,
  • Listened as Mark Early talked about Start Your Family on the Point Radio, and
  • Read Susan Olasky's review in World Magazine (February 28, Vol. 24, No. 4), and
  • Wrapped up the contest with MckMama.

On Monday we'll be kicking off a special series with couples we look up to as mentors. You'll recognize some of them. Others will be new. Some still have babies, and others, grand babies. It's our hope that through these discussions, you'll be encouraged that regardless of the times we live in, starting your family is still a worthwhile endeavor -- maybe the best thing you can do.

Want to know what the buzz is all about? Get your copy of Start Your Family today.