Summer is for Books

One of the best things about homeschooling is the opportunity to read the classics of children's literature that you zipped through for school assignments back when you were a kid, or missed altogether. How many books I once thought of as chores that now are pure delight. summerbooksAnd summer, with it's slower pace, is an ideal time for reading and re-reading just for fun. (Or in the case of many grade schoolers, for prizes at your local public library!)

Included in my summer stack is Beatrix Potter's quirky and cautionary The Tale of Mr. Tod, two early Nancy Drew mysteries, and Lois Lenski's Puritan Adventure. In addition to being transported back to my own girlhood by books that were my companions 30 years ago, I'm also borrowing from our kids' library stack and enjoying the challenge of engaging the plots with grown up eyes and viewing them through the lenses of history and Gospel.

When it comes to books, what old companions or new friends are you relaxing with this summer?