See the Bible's Big Story

It is no small feat to condense and summarize a 1,042 page book into just over 100 pages of artfully illustrated pages a child will want to sit on your lap and listen to you read aloud. Even more daunting is winsomely capturing the big theme that runs through those 66 diverse and complex books and making it understandable to a child without watering down its strength. That's what Kevin DeYoung has managed to do, along with illustrator Don Clark, in his new book, The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us Back to the Garden. It's hard to overstate the effectiveness of DeYoung's words -- the way he tells the whole story of the Bible in so few words ( the Bible is already a minimalist book that uses every word on purpose). But to see those words alongside such bold, vivid, and interesting illustrations is what makes it remarkable. DeYoung says of Clark's work, "Amazing. His illustrations are bright and captivating for a child, yet full of theological care and artistic sophistication for an adult to enjoy."

Here is a short clip that gives you the essence of a book that gives you the essence of the Bible. It's a shorter version of a short retelling with animated versions of the already eye-catching art. Watch it. And feel the power of the biggest story.


The Biggest Story isn't meant to be read instead of reading the Bible together as a family, but rather to help kids grasp the big ideas that tie everything in the Bible together. It's a compelling way to help your kids (and you) pick up the threads of sin, righteous wrath, and redemption that run from Genesis to Revelation.