Talking to Young Women about Marriage

Since our move to Louisville, Steve and I have done more speaking, including a recent break out session at the Important Conference at Southern Seminary. In our session, I spent time with high school women talking about how their path to marriage has the potential to draw them closer to God, or push them further from Him, while Steve talked to the men. We also participated in a live Q&A panel with Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Russell Moore. Panel1

You can listen to the panel here.


In addition to our time with high school students, we also traveled to Grove City College where we delivered chapel messages. Again I spoke to the women, Steve to the men (We really like this format). The students who invited us asked me to speak about Career and Family Discernment. It was an honor to answer the balance question--how do you balance career and family?--the very question I used to ask visiting speakers when I was in grad school.

If you have questions you'd like to see answered in the Boundless Answers: Women column, please email me. Last week I answered a young woman who struggles anytime her boyfriend tries to do anything for her. She's rather be doing things for him. She says it's a problem with submission. I'm not so sure. You can read the whole question, and my answer, in "I Don't Want to Be a Bother."


Finally, if you're in need of some non-relationship reading (variety is the spice of life!), I highly recommend Kevin DeYoung's new book, Don't Call it a Comeback. You can read about it here.