All about Autumn

Pumkins-2 If you read my Twitter updates you know I'm thrilled that just one day into the new season we've already had two days of snow flurries. Snow! In September! I love Colorado.

Of course it helps me love this freakishly early taste of winter when the forecast for Saturday is warm and sunny. With a predicted high of 76°, it should be perfect weather for a trip to the apple orchard (one of our favorite family traditions). Traditions seem especially important this time of year: playing Peanuts Christmas at the first sign of snowflakes, making hot cider and hot chocolate for drinking by the fireplace, reading as a family after dinner, cutting out paper leaves, collecting real fallen leaves from the grass to press between pieces of wax paper (remember that from preschool?), and relishing the feeling of fleece after so many months of shorts and t-shirts.

Most of our traditions are a continuation of things we did growing up, though a few are new since getting married. How do you celebrate fall? What do you most look forward to in the change of season?