Experiencing the New Normal

Saturday mornings are our time for fun. We start the day with pancakes and lately, a loud dose of Phil Joel's deliberateKids. Churchill, who's been known to utter the words, "where's my microphone?" grabs the paper towel roll,

Paper towel singer

<p</>Harrison tunes his broom,


or whatever other instrument he can find


and we're off and running.

Last night we went to see the real deal in concert.

The kids were especially pumped to meet the band and shake Mr. Joel's hand. But for Teddy, it was just another outing in pjs. He seemed most interested in the band's luggage.


And putting whatever technological things he could get his hands on into his mouth. Or at least trying.


It was a great show. Loud music to dance to. New friends to make. Air guitars to strum and riffs to mimic.


It was well worth the long drive to Longmont to see the Joel family living their message of deliberately pursuing relationship with God and the abundant life that follows.