Navigating Long Distance Love

On today's Boundless Show the inbox question is from a woman whose friend has set her up with "the perfect man for her." They've started emailing. But she still has a year left on the mission field before coming back to the States. How should she move forward? But that's not all. Presidential impersonator John Morgan has this to say to "Generation Z":

Fun stuff. I didn't hear the conversation about keeping TV from overtaking the better parts of your life but Ashley's description is intriguing:

I don't have a TV in my apartment for the same reason I don't keep ice cream in the fridge: lack of self-control.

I know that when I'm bored or lonely I gravitate toward things that are easy and will let me shut my brain off. Usually food or television. And that kind of eating or watching leaves me feeling guilty and gross.

You can listen to her solution, along with Steve's insights about how we handle the TV question, and my answer to that inbox question on iTunes or at Boundless.

I'd love to hear from you: do you have a TV in your family room? Do you watch? What are your TV confessions?