Bluebabies, Strawbabies and other Good Words

One of my favorite things about a child just learning to talk is the creative way they pronounce words. Most recently, it was our 2-year-old reaching out for the pints of blueberries I'd gotten on sale at the grocery store. "Bluebabies, bluebabies!" he demanded. Not sure what he was after, I looked to see him up on his tip-toes, reaching for the precious fruit. I gave him a few. Not enough. A few more. Still no good. He ate the entire package. At least they're full of anti-oxidants. That's what I tried to remember when, a few hours later, the bluebabies had done their work on his diaper.

Bluebabies. Strawbabies. Raspbabies. That's what he likes to eat just before we say "good might" for the evening and take him upstairs to "Rock!" and sing "Twinkle." Precious.

Of course once they start talking, they rarely stop. Except at night when (if) they're asleep.