Mommy, Let Me Help You!

What do you say when your kids ask you if they can help? That’s a daily dilemma for busy moms whose kids long to jump in with unskilled hands and clumsy feet.  It's rarely, if ever, efficient to say yes. It’s so much easier to just do it yourself. It’s faster and more certain it will be done right. Or at least the way you like it. But if you always choose the efficient and effective way, you may miss out on some of the most vital windows of instruction.

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How to Bake Bread

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is my bread like a brick?" "What's the secret to getting the dough to rise?" or "Why is my bread so crumbly?" I've answered these questions in emails, Skype tutorials, and phone calls. The one-word solution to these common problems is practice. But there are some tricks and techniques that make all that practice more productive. If you've ever wanted to bake bread, or have been frustrated in your efforts, here’s a quick lesson.

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Kitchen Help

20130219-205916.jpgThey were so excited to help and I was thrilled to realize four is old enough to wield a potato peeler! Taking turns alternately peeling carrots and potatoes for our harvest soup, their joy in being able to help make dinner made light work of it. It was a surprisingly cold day, but unexpectedly cozy in the kitchen. I almost hated to clean up all the peels; evidence of delight all over the countertops.