Awesome Autumn

Spring is beautiful, and in some cities, long enough to actually observe. Summer's heat is refreshing (in places with low humidity), and if you have a swimming pool, delightful. Winter is pristine, and reason enough for wool, down, and cashmere (if you don't mind scratchy sweaters). But Autumn is sublime. Last year we celebrated the first day of Autumn with a bit of a feast. It was still warm outside, but the sun set early enough to create the illusion of chilly weather ahead and set the mood for this hearty soup.

Batch 2-9

We didn't eat chicken pot pie till there was an actual chill in the air, but soon enough. It's another autumn favorite here.

Batch 2-6

I made leaves for a fireplace garland. And I'm optimistic that I'll get down to the storage room to find them again for this year.

Santa fixing lights

Today we had pumpkin pancakes for lunch and, in a bit of spontaneity, our son whipped up a new classic: The Twelve Days of Autumn.

Could it be he was inspired by a visit yesterday from Santa Claus?

Santa fixing lights

The jolly old elf dropped by to help us (er, S-T-E-V-E) repair the burned out lights on our Christmas tree in preparation for tomorrow's garage sale.

Santa fixing lights-2

Tonight there will be a full harvest moon. (First time it's appeared on the day of the autumnal equinox since 1991.) It's not too late to enjoy the beginning of this new season! Do you have any special traditions for bringing in the season of harvest?