Clearing the Decks

We feel a little lighter today and more ready for the action ahead of us thanks to the "clear the decks" garage sale we had over the weekend. Clearing the decks garage sale

We tagged that name to our garage sale posting on Craigslist to try to stand out from the other entries, but also because I can't take on a stuff-moving project like a garage sale without thinking of the "clear decks" piece I wrote for Boundless back in the day.

"[L]ook for every opportunity to get rid of clutter — and perhaps even big, important things that have become obstacles," I wrote back then, "in order to be available for action and opportunity in God's kingdom."

Clearing the decks garage sale-5

We've accumulated a lot of clutter in the five years we've lived in this house. And as we thought about packing up and moving cross country, we knew we had to lighten the load. Out went an ark full of stuffed animals, books we haven't handled in years, clothes we haven't worn in many months, extra coffee mugs, and much more.

Clearing the decks garage sale-2

We've been doing the same thinning with our range of activities and commitments; re-thinking our routine and what we should prioritize in the season ahead. It's freeing to unload lots of stuff — both our clutter as well as our activities — to have more capacity for whatever God wants to add to our lives in the days ahead.