The Path to Marriage

BA_large The path to marriage can bring you closer to God. But it can also take crazy detours away from Him if you're not diligent. Case in point: this week's Q&A on Boundless. The woman asking wants to know if she did the wrong thing breaking up with her unbelieving boyfriend and if it would be unworkable to marry him, even though she's a believer. She wrote,

I'm a recent college grad who fell in love with a guy who is Muslim but not really practicing. I told him I was a practicing Christian. He is a beautiful guy inside and out. We dated for about 9 1/2 months, during which I met his entire family, all his friends and people close to him. He has always treated me with respect and been very honest.

I, however, felt shameful in coming into the presence of God knowing that I was giving myself in every way to a guy who did not know Christ. I got the strength one night and decided to break up with him. I've been struggling ever since.

I feel as though I made a mistake in letting him go. ...

A piece of me wants to call him and get back together. It's not his fault that he was brought up in a country with other customs and beliefs. Can't I, as a Christian woman, maintain a relationship with him showing him the love of Christ and what peace, joy and contentment means?

Is there any way around this?

The short answer is no. Biblically, there is no way around it. But there's a lot more to it than that. You can read my reply here.