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Yesterday, Albert Mohler talked on his radio show about "The Case for (Early) Marriage," the Mark Regnerus cover story in this month's Christianity Today magazine. It's an exceptional article that, while sobering, offers much hope in the way of exposing the problem of extended singleness in such a visible and influencial place. Being an avid Twitter user, I saw Dr. Mohler's tweet asking for callers so I figured it was worth a try to get through. And I did, on the first try. It was fun to talk to him on-air about the challenges facing single women in their desire for marriage, as well as the role men play in putting it off. You can listen to the whole show, including our conversation, here.

Monday, Boundless published, "Working Full Time as a Stay at Home Wife," my response to a woman who is nearly finished with her degree and about to get married. She's thinking about forgoing a full-time job to focus on her husband, her home, and her ministry, but she's wondering if that would be lazy or selfish. I guessed her question and my answer might stir up some controversy, and true to form, there's quite a debate over on the Boundless Line blog. You can join the conversation--95 comments and counting--here.

Finally, after a lull in book news, there are three Get Married interviews coming up that I wanted to let you know about.

Family Life Today -- Steve and I flew to Arkansas this past April to record interviews with hosts Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. It was a lot of fun to see the FL studios in person and an added bonus, we got to visit some of our best friends while we were there.

We originally planned to discuss Start Your Family, but thankfully, they decided to add a session on Get Married, too! The Get Married interview will air first on August 31-September 1. You'll be able to listen to Steve and me talk about our dating days, as well as the challenges facing singles, and the active role God calls women to play in marrying well. This is a national show; for station info in your area, visit their website.

Focus on the Family -- This one followed on the heels of a lot of prayer. I was thrilled to get the call that Dr. Dobson wanted to talk about Get Married on air. Even better, he invited my good friend Carolyn McCulley to join, and together, with co-host John Fuller, we recorded three days of broadcasts about being single, hoping for marriage, trusting God and more. Also a national show, you'll be able to listen on your radio (station guide) or online. The show is slated to air October 12-14 (station guide).

Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine -- Part of the "Tough Questions" series, this conversation with host Juli Slattery also includes Lisa Anderson (host of the Boundless Show podcast) and a drop in from a few other single listeners. The interview, which aired earlier this year in two parts on the Boundless Show, will be spread over several Saturdays in November.

That's all for now. If you'd like a more efficient way to stay up-to-date with what's happening, you can follow us on Twitter @SteveWatters, @CandiceWatters).