Green Babies

Is having babies incompatible with being a good steward of the planet? Writing on the Web site Eco Child's Play, Jamie Ervin says no. In her post "Why Environmentalism Should not be a Factor in Family Planning," she disagrees with those who have what she calls a “save the earth, don’t breed” mentality. "IMO," she writes, "this mentality places a greater emphasis on animal rights and earth over HUMAN LIFE and Family."

Well said.

Instead of advocating baby reductions, Jamie encourages people who care about the planet to have green babies.

I believe that we should be the people raising MORE CHILDREN. By the very nature of parenting, I am raising children who are conscious of the impact of everything they do on the earth. They CARE about conservation and reducing consumption.

I didn't wander through the site enough to see what gets covered under the tagline of "green parenting for non-toxic, healthy homes," but I found much to appreciate. Even though the commenters on the blog disagreed, Jamie is insightful to see care for the earth as compatible with having a family, and babies as a source for renewal instead of a threat.